Republican Voter Fraud in Florida

Florida Voter Fraud: RNC backed Firm Accused of Voter Fraud

Find out why Florida Republicans are getting accused of Voter Fraud and why they are purging the voter rolls.

The Controversy with Texas Voter Fraud in Flordia

Voter Fraud has been a hot button issue in Texas. Texas republicans have tried to purge their voter rolls to eliminate deceased voters (they tried to purge non-deceased voters as well). Their actions were contested by Democrats, shortly after news broke out that a Republican Firm in Florida has been registering dead voters, committing the same exact type of Voter fraud they had been fighting against days before.

Dems accuse Florida Republicans of Electoral Fraud

Republicans have stuck by the line that voter ID fraud is a major issue. This is yet to be proved to be much of a problem, yet republicans have proved that it certainly be a problem due to their recent actions in Florida.

The Controversy

The RNC firm Strategic Allied Consulting has been involved in the electoral process since 2004. Over this time they received millions of dollars to gather votes for the Republican party. They have been accused of voter fraud and cleared of it in the past but this time they might not be so lucky. Although the firm is still holding a strong stance that they properly trained their Florida teams and in no way condone voter fraud the issue could end up causing some trouble for the RNC in Florida when it comes to voter fraud arguments especially in favor of the new Voter ID laws.

Republican Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Republican voter fraud in North Carolina is quickly becoming a big problem for the 2012 elections. Voter Fraud laws in North Carolina have gotten stricter to prevent voter ID fraud. This is mainly an allegation by Republicans to block Democrats from voting. However after alleged voter fraud cases by the RNC in Florida and Texas an investigation has gone underway.

SAC Voter Fraud

A RNC backed firm in Florida called SAC was paid millions to collect votes for the Republican party. SAC has many political ties and seem to have been stepping outside of the bounds of the law to fill their quota of votes going so far as to register deceased voters in North Carolina and Florida. All the while Texas republicans are waging a campaign to purge voter rolls of dead voters.

Republican Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Help to prevent Republican Voter Fraud in North Carolina by making sure that you get your voter ID card before the 2012 elections. Get out there an fight voter fraud by making sure you can cast your ballot in the next election.

Voter Fraud 2012

The Facts and Statistics on Voter Fraud in The 2012 Election

Voter Fraud is an issue at every election, voter fraud in 2012 is no different. Cases of voter fraud 2012 range from the connection between Tagg Romney and the voting machines in Ohio, Republicans throwing out Ballots and Republicans striking voters from the records. In 2001 Bush won the election by a narrow margin of 537 votes, if any voter fraud occurred on the Republican side, the election was a steal.

Preventing Voter Fraud in the 2012 Election

The best way to prevent voter fraud is to make noise. Once it happens it’s nearly impossible to repair. Americans and their Government have never gone after voter fraud post election because it would compromise our whole democracy and call into question the validity of the election process. So we need to fight voter fraud before it happens.

To prevent voter fraud in 2012 there are two things you can do:

• Make noise about voter fraud, talk to your friends, call in radio stations and post on blogs. Share facts with people and let them know that individual voter fraud is not an issue, while voter fraud by groups on a state level is.

• Get out there and vote. Electoral fraud occurs when the voting is close, in a landslide it is nearly impossible to effect.

Where Does Voter Fraud Occur in 2012

Its the same every year. The swing states, specifically districts where the voting is historically close between democrats and republicans. This is even more important in states that have the voter ID laws in place for 2012. Since voter ID effects Democrats disproportionately, its even more likely that these states and districts will be in danger of being victim to voter fraud.

Why Is This an Issue?

If voter fraud swings the election chances are it will swing the vote towards Mitt Romney. While Democrats have historically be accused of individual voter fraud Republicans have been accused of tampering with the votes. Individual voter fraud is about as common as a UFO sighting in the US while voter fraud on a larger scale is big issue. Protect American elections by getting out there and voting.