Election Official Voter Fraud – Philadelphia

Four Philadelphia Election Officials are Charged with Voter Fraud

The district Attorney in Philadelphia issued warrants for the arrest of four of its election officials for voter fraud. The individuals are accused of adding 6 ballots to the machine after the 2014 general election closed. It appears that 6 eligible voters may have signed in to vote, but not actually voted. The investigation relieved that the election officials from Philadelphia’s 18th Ward, 1st Division, added the 6 votes after closing to ensure that the number of voters in the sign-in book matched the number of votes cast. If this was the only issue with this case, one might chalk it up to criminal stupidity. Unfortunately, it appears that three of the individuals charged also falsified their qualifications to be election officials at this location. Your see, to be an election official in a particular area, you must live in the area. This men did not live and are not registered to vote in Philadelphia’s 18th Ward, 1st Division.

The Fourth person charged with voter fraud in this case is Sandra Lee who served as the 1st Division’s Judge of Elections is being charge with conspiracy, tampering with records, unsworn falsification, and obstructing justice, among other related charges.

This is not Philadelphia’s first case of election official voter fraud either. In 2014 Election Judge Dianah Gregory was found guilty of tampering with voting machines. This prompted Philadelphia DA Seth Williams to create an Election Fraud Task Force, not only to investigate the claims of voter fraud, but during each election there are a number of individuals tasked with watching polling stations and to respond quickly to any complaint calls on election days.

Election Official Voter Fraud vs Impersonation Voter Fraud

The tragedy of voter fraud is that it is real, but not always in the light that the media or politicians portray it. Election Official Voter Fraud, while rare in the grand scheme of things, is one of the more common types of in-person voter fraud. Impersonation types of voter fraud is where a person either: is not actually eligible to vote and does so anyways, votes multiple times using other peoples’ voter registration, or votes multiple times because they are intentionally registered to vote in multiple locations. Impersonation Voter Fraud, while often portrayed as rampant, has been shown to be quite rare. Recently, a wave of Voter-ID laws have been making their way across the country aimed at making a dent in voter fraud. These types of laws disenfranchise thousands of eligible voters and do absolutely nothing to curb election official voter fraud. Election officials don’t have to show ID to vote because they are supposedly vetted and are responsible for ensuring that other voters follow voting laws.

The election officials are tasked ensuring a fair and just election process by ensuring that polling places are accessible and safe for eligible voters. This position also gives them access to impede or obstruct or tamper with the voting process. Election officials who abuse their position should be prosecuted and it seems that Philadelphia’s DA intends to do just that.

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