What is VoterFraudFacts.com?

Back in before the 2012 elections two things caught the attention of my partner and I, voter fraud and ObamaCare. We were hearing a lot of disinformation about the new healthcare law and the prevalence of individual voter fraud. We decided to create “facts sites” to combat the misinformation of these two topics.

ObamaCare, as it turns out, was very popular. We focused most of our attention towards that site. Over the years “the ObamaCare site” grew in popularity and we had less time to devote to the voter fraud site.

Today have grown our team and have the resources to ensure that voterfraudfacts.com gets treated with the respect it deserves. Expect a bevy of facts, stats, and important information related to voter fraud in the upcoming weeks and months.

We promise you, the reader, that we will stick to the truth to help facilitate an accurate discussion on voter fraud in America. If you think anything we wrote was misleading or wrong just leave a comment and we will fact-check it.

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Thomas DeMichele

Tom is head content writer and co-owner of (dog) Media Solutions. (dog) is a media company focused on creating free informational content for the internets in order to spread truth and facilitate access to accurate information. We are a grassroots private company with no political ties or funding.

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