Voter ID Card

Voter ID Card | How to Get Your Voter ID Card

A voter ID card can be obtained if you lack the proper identification necessary to vote. How to get a voter ID card differs from state to state. Here is a basic guide that will walk you through the process of obtaining a valid form of identification. Please note that Voter ID laws differ from state to state.

What is a Voter ID Card?

A voter ID card is a free state issued ID card that can be obtained from the state. Since you need a valid form of identification to cast your vote at the ballot you will need to ensure that you have one (or another form of ID) before you go to the polls.

Make sure to leave at least 2 weeks as the process can take more than a week.

What Type of Identification Do I Need to Vote

Valid types of “ID” range from a valid government issued photo ID, to fishing license or utility bill. In some states all you need is someone to sign an affidvit that swears that you are who you say you are.

How Do I Get My Voter ID Card?

Figuring out how to get your voter ID card is different in every state. Here is a basic breakdown of what you need to do:

1. Check our state-by-state break down on specific voter ID laws and determine if you have an accepted form of voter identification.

2. If you don’t have a valid form of ID you can ussualy obtain one from the DMV (or other institution depending on the state). You will need to apply for a voter ID and although it is free you will need to bring proof of who you are to the DMV. The accepted forms of identification are pretty strict here as well, although there will be a lot more choices. DMV accepts a range of documents (you’ll need more than one) including your social security card and birth certificate and proof of residence. Make sure to call your DMV about a voter ID before showing up.

3. Make sure you have the documents and the application (if it can be obtained online, if not one will be provided for you at). Take this to the DMV or other establishment and if everything is in order you will be photographed like you are for a regular drivers liscence. At that point your free photo voter id card will be issued to you or sent in the mail.


Tthe forms of identification accepted differ from state to state, please see our state by state breakdown on state specific Voter ID Laws for more information