Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

Voter ID Law in Pennsylvania

New Voter ID Law Won’t Go Into Effect Until After the Election

Good news for those worried about the voter ID laws in Pennsylvania effecting the national 2012 elections. On OCT 2nd 2012 a Pennsylvania judge has declared that the voter ID requirement in PA won’t go into effect until after the elections. The Democratic Party has been fighting new strict voter ID laws in swing states who say that it is nothing more than a Republican strategy to prevent elderly, students and minorities from casting their ballot in the 2012 election.


Pennsylvania Reclaims it’s “Swing State” Status, What Does this Mean for Voter Fraud?

Pennsylvania has swung back and forth between being a battle ground state and an easy victory for a Democratic candidate, but that has all changed in the 2012 election cycle. The state is starting to be too close to call, even worse voter ID laws have been made stricter disenfranchising voters who would vote for the president. Lucky for democracy the voter ID laws won’t be enacted in Pennsylvania until the next election cycle.

Preventing Voter Fraud

Republicans who endorse the Voter ID Laws claim that they are working to prevent voter fraud by making the Voter ID laws more stringent. Prevent voter fraud in Pennsylvania by making sure you have a valid voter ID before the next election cycle. Know the voter ID law in Pennsylvania and support your candidate.