Types of Voter Fraud

Types of Voter and Electoral Fraud

Voter fraud isn’t limited to one type of voter fraud or even common types of voter fraud. It is simply illegal tampering with the process of an election.

The reason (at least on paper) that voter fraud laws are in place is to protect democracy from corruption and to ensure that all who are eligible vote can do so and all voters have an equal vote in any given election.


The types of Voter Fraud include, but are not limited to:

    • Electorate Manipulation- Manipulation of Demography and Disenfranchisement.
    • Intimidation- Violence or the Threat of Violence, Attacks on Polling Places, Legal Threats, and Economic Threats.
    • Vote Buying- Rewarding a voter for voting (or not voting) in a specific way.
    • Misinformation- Presenting false information about the process of voting or the issues of an election.
    • Misleading or Confusing Ballot Papers- Presenting confusing or misleading ballot papers. Like vote “yes” to vote “no” on “not not legalizing marriage equality”.
    • Ballot Stuffing- The submission of multiple votes by one person.
    • Misrecording of Votes- The process of incorrectly counting votes or attributing a vote incorrectly.
    • Misuse of Proxy Votes- Tampering or misrepresentation in the process of proxy voting.
    • Destruction or Invalidation of Ballots- The process of destroying or hiding ballots.
    • Tampering with Electronic Voting Machine- Just as it sounds, the process of tampering with an electronic voting machine in anyway before or after the voting process.
    • Gerrymandering The act of redistricting for political advantage.
    • Voter Suppression Suppressing eligible voters by any legal or illegal means in local, state, or federal elections.

What Types of Voter Fraud are a Problem in the US?

Image from Wall Street Journal
Image from Wall Street Journal

Any type of voter fraud is serious and there is no type of voter fraud that is harmless. That being said many types of electoral fraud have little to no effect on our democracy and our elections. Other types of voter fraud could potentially unhinge the very fabric of our democracy. To understand some of the most pertinent types of voter fraud be sure to check out each section of our site. We provide a detailed look at the history of different types of fraud with facts and statistics on reported cases.

Educate your self about the types of voter fraud so you can help to fight against them to protect your vote in the next election.