Republican Voter Fraud in Florida

Florida Voter Fraud: RNC backed Firm Accused of Voter Fraud

Find out why Florida Republicans are getting accused of Voter Fraud and why they are purging the voter rolls.

The Controversy with Texas Voter Fraud in Flordia

Voter Fraud has been a hot button issue in Texas. Texas republicans have tried to purge their voter rolls to eliminate deceased voters (they tried to purge non-deceased voters as well). Their actions were contested by Democrats, shortly after news broke out that a Republican Firm in Florida has been registering dead voters, committing the same exact type of Voter fraud they had been fighting against days before.

Dems accuse Florida Republicans of Electoral Fraud

Republicans have stuck by the line that voter ID fraud is a major issue. This is yet to be proved to be much of a problem, yet republicans have proved that it certainly be a problem due to their recent actions in Florida.

The Controversy

The RNC firm Strategic Allied Consulting has been involved in the electoral process since 2004. Over this time they received millions of dollars to gather votes for the Republican party. They have been accused of voter fraud and cleared of it in the past but this time they might not be so lucky. Although the firm is still holding a strong stance that they properly trained their Florida teams and in no way condone voter fraud the issue could end up causing some trouble for the RNC in Florida when it comes to voter fraud arguments especially in favor of the new Voter ID laws.