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Supreme Court Rules 5-4 Against Alabama Redistricting

A lower court upheld GOP drawn redistricting in Alabama, but the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the Voting Rights Act can’t be used to justify maps that predominately group voters together based on their race.

Voter fraud isn’t limited to an individual voting twice because they wren’t ID’d at the polls, that type of voter fraud is actually less common than a UFO sighting.

A more common type of voter fraud is gerrymandering, or more commonly known as redistricting. This is when boundaries of voter maps are redrawn to favor a political party.

Alabama GOP tried to redistrict parts of Alabama using the Voting Rights Act in such a way that would have grouped together voters by race leading to favorable outcomes for the GOP.

This was the court’s second high-stakes decision in two years dealing with the Voting Rights Act and will likely have an affect on redistricting legal battles in states like Virginia and North Carolina.

Learn more about the decision here.

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