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Voter Fraud Statistics

The Statistics on Voter Fraud in the US

What are the voter fraud statistics on individual voter fraud? We discuss the voter fraud statistics on voter fraud by groups aimed at influencing elections. Voter fraud facts gives you the real scoop on what types of voter fraud are seriously impacting our country and which types of voter fraud are happen so infrequently they are barely worth mentioning.

Voter FraudIndividual Voter Fraud Statistics

Believe it or not voter fraud rarely happens at an individual level. Although you may hear about the rampant problem of voter fraud in the united states. Take this statistic, in Ohio in 2004 the percentage of individuals accused of voter fraud was 0.00004% (about the amount of times Americans are struck by lightening every year).

So if individual voter fraud isn't a problem in the US, then why is the issue so focused on? The simple answer is that the groups that focus on individual voter fraud are trying to distract the American people or fire them up. If fingers are being pointed left and right and voter fraud is a big confusing issue it is that much easier for groups to commit voter fraud.

Out of the 197 million votes cast for federal candidates between 2002 and 2005, only 40 voters were indicted for voter fraud. Only 26 of those cases, or about .00000013 percent of the votes cast, resulted in convictions or guilty pleas.

Group Voter Fraud Statistics

Special interest groups have a long history of voter fraud in the US. You see while individuals have almost nothing to gain from defrauding the government and risking their freedom for one vote, groups have a much bigger incentive. So what is the incentive for groups to point voter fraud accusations, winning elections. That's right, if you control the vote, you control the elections and this simple fact has been the root cause of corruption in both the US voting system and the voting systems all over the world.

The bottom line on Voter Fraud in the US: Individual voter fraud is nearly nonexistent, while voter suppression and voter fraud by powerful political groups as been in ongoing issue throughout history.

We will dig deep into specific cases and types of voter fraud throughout the site. For now let's just focus on some voter fraud statistics to give you a quick overview of what is really going on with voter fraud in the United States:

Voter Fraud Statistics in US history:

More on Voter Fraud

This is just a small selection of important voter fraud statistics in the US. Regardless of your opinions the facts show that the republican party has been using voter fraud as a political weapon to disenfranchise those who are likely to vote for the Democratic party, to get rid of votes for the opposition and to actually commit voter fraud themselves. It's time for it to end. Stand up for the laws that make our country great and help to change the voter fraud statistics.